A Portable Parenting Time Out Mat

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THE THOUGHT-SPOT is a suitable timeout mat for your 18-48 month-old child. Timeouts are widely misunderstood and frequently misused. Our goal is to make adverse behavioral situations into positive learning experiences rather than punitive situations. Parents can utilize the mat during challenging parenting moments to give themselves and their children time to self-reflect or calm down when they are feeling out-of-control. The mat is also helpful to use with spirited kids or children with special needs who need consistency for challenging times. Kids can use it as a place to read a book, play independently, or go to when feeling anxious or over-stimulated.

The Thought-Spot is a tool meant to change the punishment cycle and move toward positive parenting and making kids independent thinkers and problem solvers.

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  • ♻️ ECO-FRIENDLY, Thin and Flexible, non-slip, non-toxic, 100% recyclable material, waterproof, and safe for the environment and your child.
  • 🤔 THOUGHT SPOT MAT - 24 inch diameter non-slip backing.
  • 🚗 PORTABLE - Comfortable anywhere indoors or out. Carrying case included. Not like uncomfortable timeout chair surfaces that are not portable.
  • 👩‍🏫 DISCIPLINE - Many timeout mats are intimidating. The Thought Spot mat promotes a friendly way of administering discipline.
  • 🗽 DESIGNED IN THE USA by a teacher