MAD SMARTZ: an Interpersonal Skills Card Game for Anger & Emotion Management, Empathy, and Social Skills

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  • 😍 STEM GAME: Mad Smartz is based on the card game Uno. The purpose of the card game is to help children with the following challenging issues: Anger Management, Social Skills, Empathy, and a Hodge-Podge of other matters, i.e., confidence, and cooperation.
  • 🛠 ADHD / AUTISM TOOL - Benefits kids by providing Strategies for Controlling Anger, and Social Skills, Empathy, and a Hodge-Podge of other tips. GREAT EDUCATIONAL STEM TOY AND EDUCATIONAL GAME FOR KIDS.
  • 🤗 SOCIAL SKILLS AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Kids improve social skills and emotional development by responding to questions and reviewing tip cards. Educational Game with lots of FUN & Creative gameplay.
  • 👪 DESIGNED FOR Kids & Adults: This socio-emotional card set is ideal for kids 5 years old and above. Teens and adults will also enjoy playing this therapeutic card game in groups of two or more. Includes: 104 PLAYING CARDS, 5 Instruction Cards, 8 Tip Cards
  • 👩‍🏫 DESIGNED TO SUPPORT PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND THERAPISTS help children identify, process, and work through a variety of issues, including changes within the family, trauma, grief, anger, depression, social delays, anxiety, and fears.

FUN AND EASY GAMEPLAY: Fun cooperative gameplay helps to enhance social skills. Also enhances anger control, empathy, critical thinking, and conversation skills. Helps children who need to develop their emotional intelligence learn soft skills such as how to identify emotions through facial expressions and body language, react appropriately, and make interpersonal connections. Adults are encouraged to join in responding and demonstrating appropriate answers.

HOW PLAYED: The game is played like the card game Uno. It combines Uno type cards with questions and suggestions regarding anger management, empathy, and social skills. There are also tip cards for each of these categories. Players race to get rid of their cards while responding to questions and learning skills in these three important categories.

AIDS: Aids Parents, Therapists, Teachers, and Caregivers: Counselors and Psychologists use card games in therapy, teachers use the educational games for kids in the classroom to teach anger management, empathy, and social skills, and parents use as conversational cards to connect with their children or simply as learning games to aid in child development. The cards can be used as a tool and elaborated on, or as prompts for creating some of your own situations.

The deck includes questions and tip cards. Each question card outlines a common issue in each category. There are prompts on each card and also tip cards for each category. The tip cards look deeper into the issue, then guides the user to be more thoughtful in their emotional response to the situation.

Includes 117 cards, instructions, and tips for each category (anger management, empathy, and social skills)

The game can be played in 15-45 minutes.

Ages 6 - 17

For 2 - 6 Players