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Roni L. Caw


As my clientele range from 6 to 70 years old, this was very effective for children with emotional dysregulation and emotional impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD and autism are often affected by difficulties regarding understanding emotional affects. Thank you for your product. It is excellent. Take care and have a blessed day.

Linda Mascarenhas


I was able to use this with my students, who were having meltdowns. Immediate and very effective! Well worth the buy. Thank you.


My 5YO son has trouble expressing his anger and would just throw a fit at nothing or everything. And when I ask him to elaborate because I don't understand him, which makes him even madder. So I got this after I saw it in a mommy group and I think my son is liking it. He can really relate to the emojis and is able to express to me what he's feeling and we can make a game out of it. There's less frustration on his side and definitely on my side, too!


We purchased this time out mat in hopes of introducing consequences to our toddler. If he disobeys multiple times, we put him on the time out mat for 30 seconds and then explain to him why we put him on the mat. Next time he does it we ask him why we put him on the Thought Spot and he verbalizes what he did wrong. The mat seems of very high quality. It's also decently sized at 24" so we can plop our little guy down in the middle, but if he moves a bit, he's still on it. All in all, we are happy with our purchase and have noticed marked improvement in behavior because of this new tool.


I thought I would try this for an alternative to a time out chair because I think the time out now has a negative connotation to it. I'm a single dad and I'm always looking for something to help me figure out a way to get my daughter to stop and think about what she's done. Heard about this from a friend. The cute looking spot came with some instructions to give me a guideline on how to use it. Honestly, the way it looks is less intimidating than a time out chair. It let's them sit on the floor which would make it more comfortable for them. Cool item!

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