Welcome to the Thought-Spot Parenting Mat!

Our high quality time out mat is: 24" inches in diameter, has a non-slip backing, is non-toxic and best of all not intimidating looking to kids. It was developed by a teacher after extensive research into effective parenting behaviors and is the recipient of the National Association Of Parenting Products Award for 2018.


What People say about Us

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. Within a couple of weeks of using the time out mat, I see serious improvement in my child's overall behavior. Thank You!

Amy Clayton


It's amazing what a combination of discipline using the thought spot and a stern but positive voice can do for a parent. It has literally changed our lives!

Tanya Whitlock

Social Worker

I love that this mat is portable.  I can fold it up and throw it in any bag.  I don't go anywhere without it!

Julia Fairbanks

Target Manager

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