Our goal is to make adverse behavioral situations into positive learning experiences rather than punitive situations. Parents should utilize Thought Spot to give their children a time to self-reflect or calm down when they are feeling out-of-control. Thought Spot should also be used for spirited kids or children with special needs who need consistency when having challenging moments, as well as by kids who just want their own space to read a book, play independently, or just go to when feeling anxious or over-stimulated. 

We want to give parents an opportunity to guide kids to good behavior, but also allow kids to feel empowered to reflect and come up with a name to their feelings/emotions and come up with their own solutions to negative emotions/situations. Besides just being valuable to kids, the Thought Spot is also meant to remind parents of their goal toward positive parenting, and give them a time to self-reflect rather than react to challenging behavioral situations.

The Thought Spot is a tool meant to change the punishment cycle. It is a mat that moves toward positive parenting and making kids independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Oleg & Erena P.